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Traveling to Terneuzen, The Netherlands

Accomodation: Hotel L'Escaut

The Route to Terneuzen:

where is Terneuzen?

By Car:

Routes to Ziekenhuis Zeeuws Vlaanderen, Location De Honte:

Route description in English

Route naar Ziekenhuis Zeeuws Vlaanderen
">Route Im Deutch

Arriving by AIR:

The nearest airport is Brussel International Airport at Saventum, Brussels (85km).

Schiphol airport, Amsterdam, is 200 km away (two and a half hour by road or public transport) I would advise against the use of this airport: too busy and too long traveling time to Terneuzen.

It is thus advised that if you arrive by air to use Brussel Int Airport , or Brussel South Int Airport at Charleroi ( Ryanair)

From Charleroi to Brussel Midi (South or Zuid) station look here

At Brussel international Airport you can get a taxi to Terneuzen: cost will be about 100 euro or 75 pounds, one way.

A better and quicker alternative is to go by train to Gent Sint Pieters station ( 1 hour, direct), and take a taxi from there to Terneuzen.

Look here for the train schedules in Belgium: Belgium train schedules

( type in "Bruxelles-Int-Airport"and "Gent-Sint-Pieters")

  • Brussel airport train station
  • Arrival by Eurostar:

    You arrive at Brussel Midi (South,or Zuid) station. Take a national train to Gent Sint Pieters station: there is two trains that go, one is a Intercity (IC) that take about 27 minutes, the other is the milkrun, that take longer!

    Remember that your Eurostar ticket is good for traveling to any station in Belgium also!

    Look here for the train schedules in Belgium: Belgium train schedules

    ( type in " Bruxelles-Midi" and "Gent-Sint-Pieters")

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